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Online Banking

Online Banking is used to check daily balances, transfer between internal accounts, make loan payments and advances, retrieve and/or print check images, view Estatements, make bill payments via Bill Pay, and to set up text message or Email alerts for specified account activity.

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For all future logins select the account type in the Online Banking box and enter the Username and Password that you previously set up.

BillPay & PopMoney


Bill Pay can be used to pay any type of bill, including the option to pay a person. You can pay your bills from one convenient location, and you have the option to receive, view and pay eBills.

From within Online Banking, choose the Bill Payment link in the blue menu bar. For first time enrollment, read and accept the Terms of Service and read and accept the Privacy Policy. For first time usage, follow the “3 Easy Steps” guide that appears.

For future usage, continue as follows:

  1. Choose “Add a Company or Person” if not already built, and then follow instructions.
  2. Find who you would like to pay from your listed merchants.
  3. Enter the amount and “Deliver by” date; click “Send Money” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. When the “Review Payments” screen appears, click “Submit Payments” to confirm your submission.


PopMoney is an option within BillPay, and can be used to send money to someone using their email address, mobile number, or account information.

  • Email address: your contact will receive an email with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account.
  • Mobile number: a text message will be sent to the recipient on your behalf with instructions on how to direct the payment into his or her account.
  • Account information (routing number and account number): the money will be deposited directly into your contact’s account. You will also have the option to send an email to your contact.

Mobile Banking

The TouchBanking Mobile App is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Download it on your cell phone by searching "Touchbanking", and look for the blue & white icon.

After you open the new app, enter the App Code: FTSBank1. Use your existing Username and Password for Online Banking to log in. Transfer money between accounts, make bill payments, use PopMoney and more! Click on “More” to set up Instant Balances and Touch ID (for Apple users).

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Important: This mobile app utilizes your existing User ID and Password for Internet Banking. The mobile app is actually just a convenient access method into your Internet Banking account, and anything you do on one will affect the other.



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